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Michael Marley
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Chapter Overview

Government of Spark, Government of Arc. This interpretation is managing perspective among the activity of men, and relative to early considerations for energy environment.

The government of Spark, is early indicated at the http://www.governmentofanarc.com

The rule is being explained, natural or other. The archist.org and arcist.net is being developed (belief in construction of self, belief in construction of Spark). Where the age of the rule is demonsrated, a look at modern science indicates the sky and the atmospheres of planets have been governing a spark for longer than man has been alive, and combined perhaps among planets and atmospheres, longer than our star or Galaxy. (See PMA admission req.)

Examples for governmentofspark.net. This government is study slected as corner stone for management principles of the rule in local area of florida.

My fingers govern a spark to some result.
the construction of a computer governs a spark to some result.
the construction of a cell phone governs a spak to some result.
the construction of light bulb governs a spark to some result.
the construction of life might govern a spark to some result.
the humans sold me this government for about 12$.

At ecce arcanum.com, governing a spark as part of learning for some and people. I am developing the arcist, after achieving a glimpse of the path among the Titans of spark (lightening storm is an example), the discussion at University of arcana. Net. Will eventually teach.

The Arcist and an Arcist. The constructionists and deconstructionists of the spark. The Christian's might be an Arcist having an aversion to magic and unnatural technology, but respecting the lightening of God or planet storms... The sorcerer of a trade might be Arcist, or the engineer of a electronic or electrical system might also be Arcist. (Arcist.org is the property to be developed.)

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